Mediaset – Premium

Play is the video-on-demand service offered by Mediaset Premium

A multi-device platform where you can watch over 1000 titles including movies, TV series, documentaries, football and other sports.

My task is to follow the art-direction of digital interfaces.

Navigation on Smart TV

Thanks to the growth of players like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Playstation Now and YouTube TV, Smart TVs are becoming more and more one of the most appreciated devices by users.
Smart TVs allow the use of video content in a more natural and relaxing way. The navigation is different because the user does not stop or click the device but rather navigates by focusing an element with the pad of the remote control.

On Smartphone

A dedicated app for iOS and Android allows viewing from both smartphone and directly on TV through chromecast. The app is designed to easily take advantage of video content, watch live channels, save favorite content and even download it off-line for viewing in the absence of a connection.

On Tablet

the same features of the smartphone are available on 7 and 11-inch tablets. The interaction is different because while the smartphone is generally used to control other devices, the tablet is used for viewing.

On Desktop

We could not miss the classic desktop designed with an impactful design and maximum usability.

On Social media

Some layout tests for content on social media where Premium Play is very active for the promotion of content.